Monday, 9 May 2016

Meet the Team!

Elsa Vasseur with her team—L-R (front row) Sirine EL Hamdaoui, Santiago Palacio, Elise Shepley, Tania Wolfe; back row: Jessica St John, Elsa Vasseur, Hector Delgado, Véronique Boyer

    Sirine El Hamdaoui is a Master of Science student at ISA Lille (France), she is working on sustainability and welfare of dairy cattle. Sirine is currently at McGill as part of her internship.

Santiago Palacio (MSc Guelph) is following his PhD studies at McGill  researching how minor modifications in dairy facilities might improve cow comfort and welfare.

Elise Shepley (MSc Guelph) has started her doctoral research at McGill working on cow exercise and longevity.

Tania Wolfe completed her Master of Science at McGill (2014) researching ruminants nutrition.  Currently she works as  a Research Assistant for the Chair.

Jessica St-John has completed her BSc (Biological Sciences) at University  of Guelph and is starting her MSc on cow comfort and welfare at McGill.  

Hector Delgado completed his PhD at McGill (2015).  His research topic was  development of visualization tools to analyze profitability of dairy cows.  Currently Hector is researching  longevity and profitability of dairy cows as a Post-doc fellow.

Veronique Boyer  is completing her BSc at McGill and she is working as an intern preparing for her Master on cow comfort which she will be starting in the fall.

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