Monday, 30 May 2016

Establishment of the NSERC - Novalait - Dairy Farmers of Canada - Valacta Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Life of Dairy Cattle

On May 26th,  the Chair in Sustainable Life of Dairy Cattle it was officially established at the R. Howard Webster Centre (Macdonald Campus Farm), McGill University.  The ceremony was attended by Provincial and McGill University authorities, partner members of the Chair Novalait, Dairy Farmers of Canada and Valacta, stakeholders and special guests.   After the ceremony the guests visited the dairy complex where we had the opportunity to talk to them about our different research topics and answer their questions.  Finally a fantastic Brazilian barbeque was served for lunch.  We thank you all for your presence and your input during this memorable day.  We will give our 100% in order to get the best results for this project!

From left to right: Kevin Wade, Elise Gosselin, Daniel Lefebvre, Emie Désilets, Chandra Madramootoo, Rose Goldstein, Elsa Vasseur, Réal Gauthier, Anja Geitmann

     M. Réal Gauthier, President of Novalait

Mme Emie Désilets, Scientific Coordinator Dairy Farmers of Canada

            M. Daniel Lefebvre, General Manager of Valacta

Elise Shepley (left), explaining her research to one of our guests.

                               Elise Shepley (PhD student), Veronique Boyer (Intern. student) and Elsa Vasseur (Chair)

Jessica St-John and Sirine Elhamdaoui (MSc Students)

The Team!

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