Friday, 13 May 2016

Launch of Research Theme 2: Dairy Cow Longevity and Profitability Meeting

From left to right: Doris Pellerin, Filippo Miglior, Kevin Wade, Hector Delgado, Elsa Vasseur, Roger Cue and René Lacroix

To discuss the methodology of the research theme 2 of the IRC on longevity and profitability of dairy cows, it was held a meeting on May the 11th at Mac campus with the presence of Dr. Filippo Miglior from CDN, Dr. Doris Pellerin from Université Laval and Dr. René Lacroix from Valacta.  Dr. Kevin Wade and Dr. Roger Cue (McGill) also attended along with Dr. Elsa Vasseur (Chairholder) and Dr. Hector Delgado (PDF). On the same day Dr. Miglior presented a conference on novel traits selection in Canadian Holsteins.

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