Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah!

On July 21st, Dr. Elsa Vasseur presented the importance of finding easy and reliable measures of welfare in the farm with automatic measuring devices like pedometers, or by identifying bio-markers in the milk that may indicate good or poor welfare.
Dr. Elsa Vasseur
On July 20th PhD student Elise Shepley presented results showing that cows with outdoor experience choose to be outdoors over free-stall barns when given the option.
Elise Shepley
on July 20th, PhD candidate Santiago Palacio presents results showing that providing cows housed in tie-stalls with regular access to exercise can help reduce lameness, especially during the winter seasons.
Santiago Palacio

Thank you to all the organizers and sponsors of the Joint Annual Meeting 2016 for putting on an excellent conference in Salt Lake City

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