Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Cow Life McGill at The 2nd Canadian OrganicScience Conference

The crew at Cow Life McGill enjoyed yet another fascinating conference this week in Montreal! The 2nd Canadian OrganicScience Conference  provided an interesting look at the future of organic growth and research. Here is a glimpse at the research our team presented!

PhD Candidate Santiago Palacio’s research has looked into the effects of modifications at the tie-stall and exercise on dairy cow health and welfare. His findings suggest that dairy cows may benefit from both access to exercise and being housed in a modified stall, indicating that farms providing exercise may still benefit from housing improvements. 

Santiago Palacio 

PhD student Elise Shepley presented on dairy cow preference for pasture. The findings of the presentation suggest that experience with the outdoors may drive aspects of preference, such as a larger percentage of the herd going to pasture instead of remaining in a free-stall barn and a greater percentage of time spent consuming fresh forages over haylage both indoors and outdoors.

Elise Shepley 

To close out the day, Dr. Elsa Vasseur participated in a panel discussion on current aspects of organic dairy research. Dr. Vasseur, along with six other panelists, talked current research from the Organic Cluster II projects, producer and consumer expectations, new research and development plans and strategies, and much more.

From left to right:  Elsa Vasseur from Mcgill University, Linda Labrecque from Ferme Desgemo and Bryan Denis from Ferme Denijos

Links to all of the video recordings of our presentations and more will be added in the near future! Check back soon for more info!

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