Monday, 7 November 2016

Big Data: In dairy

Last week the big data dairy management conference was held in Chicago, Illinois. There was and there is even more expectation about this topic.

The tool Mooogle was presented as a way to have all the data in the same place and give the information to the farmer to make decisions. Also, the potential of using data to manage or prevent animal health problems was addressed, where the type of data reported is really important! The amount of technology available for monitoring dairy was also part of the discussion, however, “one size fits all” doesn’t apply in this case: not all technology fits all farms! The economic impact of the false positive and false negative alerts or results was also discussed.

In addition, the legal part of data management was addressed, where the big question is who owns of the data? the farmers or the companies?

Discussion was focused on the importance of the quality over the quantity of the data, the definition of outliers and how to handle the amount of data that all the new technology is generating. However, is an ongoing discussion were biology have to be included to get the best of the big data analysis. 

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